The training school is well structured in the area with a widespread network of training centers where you can carry out the courses.

All Centers have their own peculiarities and some very specialized courses can only be held at one of the locations, due to the compliance of the river and particular logistical characteristics.

Every year, training events are organized at each training site, on the calendar courses on the site you can view the dates and their respective location of the course of interest.

We have then selected the best Italian rafting centers for quality and safety that guarantee safety and quality of services.

The synergy between Trentino Wild and Rescue Project has given rise to a real movement towards the culture of safety .

What the professionals of Trentino Wild do for work, they also carry at the level of the association, among the volunteers who every day give some of their time to this great project .

Rescue Project started its activity in 1999. The love and passion for nature have united its founders in a common project: to raise awareness and bring anyone who wishes to the river environment, according to the principles of safety , respect for the environment and its balance.

The Rescue Project association organizes conferences, promotional events, training and information on the many facets and problems of the river environment. In collaboration with Trentino Wild, it offers highly qualified training courses, aimed at all those who live the outdoors for passion or profession and who need updated and recognized training courses.

We are the only school accredited by the Region for training law 81. Our courses not only comply with current legislation, but the school is registered as a training center.

The "Rescue Project" project was born in 2005 exquisitely from the world of river rescue, from the intuition and passion of the founder, specialized in this sector and pioneer of river and flood rescue in Italy. Since that year, many things have changed and the project has begun to take shape and structure itself more and more: from some awareness raising activities to a few interested parties, it has begun to embrace a wider audience of people including professionals looking for highly qualified training. qualified.

The project has become more and more national in scope, and has begun to take shape along two parallel paths: on the one hand, the training activity that has developed in a professional logic thanks to the presence of qualified professionals in the sector , the constant updating of training courses, certifications and purchase awards; on the other hand, civil protection activities, where the same professionals and all trained volunteers make their professional resources available for the principles and values ​​of civil protection.

A team of experienced professionals, lovers of the outdoors and safety, is the basis for high quality training courses. The project involves several structures, which share these passions and these principles, training and activity structures that become points of reference and guarantee of seriousness, branded "Rescue Project".

Rescue Project has become the most recognized training center for training courses for all those seeking high quality training on the subject of safety, rescue and the outdoor world. Basic and specialized courses, for firefighters, civil protection, navy, army, military aeronautics, rafting guides, hydrospeed, canoe and kayak instructors, operators for hydroelectric plants, samplers in the riverbed, employees workers in contact with the water or with the risk of falling into the water… the training proposals are truly varied. But not only for work: canoeists, scouts, fishermen, public administrations and organizations that carry out events in aquatic contexts and need support for the management of water safety can contact the School and ask for assistance.

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