Pronto Soccorso

Generic first aid courses specifically linked to the world of river rescue and outdoor activities

Psicologia dell'emergenza

In addition to a good technical training, it is essential to have a good " psychological " training when giving aid.

Sicurezza nelle scuole

Safety network and safety, a project exquisitely dedicated to schools and school groups, summer groups, young children

The National Training School Rescue Project and Trentino Wild , offer training courses at various levels, all united by two values ​​and objectives: to raise awareness  and promote the culture of safety .

The recipients of courses are numerous: rescue officers such as firefighters , civil protection , the navy , red cross , white cross , green cross groups, coast guard groups, army  and many others or all those involved in rescue both at a river and alluvial technical level and at a sanitary level.

Other recipients are those who navigate waterways such as canoeists , lovers of hydrospeed and packraft and therefore need of training more exquisitely oriented towards quick self-rescue; but also real river professionals such as rafting guides , hydrospeed guides , canoe instructors , who accompany people in the waterways and who therefore they need a training background at the level of a real commercial guide.

In the range of training activities proposed, it is possible to identify training macro-categories that may be of interest to the aforementioned recipients:

  • River and alluvial rescue courses : these are training courses of various levels intended for all those who both work and play, live the river and living water and need a specific training in the world of wild water. We find courses of one or more days
  • First aid courses : these are training courses aimed at the health part of the rescue, always with specific attention to the world of living water
  • Safety courses in the workplace : in this category it is possible to find courses suitable for all working realities such as hydroelectric plants, companies that deal with sampling in the riverbed, public administrations such as APPA , ARPA and the like and that operate in contexts where there is a risk of falling into water for operators. All training courses comply with current legislation on safety in the workplace pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08.
  • Driving courses : training courses intended for those who want a highly professional training to then be able to practice the job of commercial river driving, such as rafting, hydrospeed, canoe, packraft guide for example.
  • Psychology of the emergency : an extremely important and sometimes underestimated chapter in the rescue sector, in these training courses that must be developed ad hoc, it is possible to deal with the most psychological issues related to stress, the rescue group and the most "emotional" part of the rescue.
  • Extra courses : a category of various courses, which are proposed to bring participants closer to experiencing the outdoors in safety, with training courses of various types, united by the common thread that is safety and prevention.
  • Safety in schools : the great ambitious project that sees the two realities engaged in awareness-raising activities on the issue of safety among young people, through school channels. Talking with school groups, taking them on outdoor adventures bringing them closer to the culture of safety and prevention are objectives to be achieved for the Rescue Project and Trentino Wild school

All the training courses are developed and followed by highly qualified and specialized personnel, the programs respect particular standards of didactic progression and specific training methodologies according to the objectives set. The courses are periodically subjected to verification by Companies authorized to issue the ISO 9001: 15 Certification on the quality of services and in the training range proposed Trentino Wild is an authorized body and accredited by the Autonomous Province of Trento, for the provision of training courses on safety in the workplace .

Qualified teachers in specific sectors and constantly updated, will be at your complete disposal.

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