The synergy between Trentino Wild and Rescue Project has given rise to a real movement towards the culture of safety .

What the professionals of Trentino Wild do for work, they also carry at the level of the association, among the volunteers who every day give some of their time to this great project .

And from this project were born awards , certifications , which further confirm the work and commitment of all those who have and they put great energy into making this reality grow every day.

  • The Rescue Project training courses have achieved the renowned ISO 9001: 15 Certification for the quality of training. Every year an accredited body checks the standards and procedures and validates, if successful, the quality of the courses offered.
  • The School is accredited for the provision of courses on safety in the workplace pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 , legislation which - except for some exceptions - it also involves rescue and emergency personnel
  • The school is accredited for the provision of BLS and BLS-D courses for lay staff at 112 Trentino; as well as at the Salvamento Agency of the SNS
  • The training courses of the School have been chosen as training courses for staff, by public bodies such as military air force , groups of special forces , research university, APPA, ARPAV, ARPA.
  • The training courses are recognized by the Società Nazionale di Salvamento Genova , with relative agreement
  • The rescue Project is not just training and intervention. It is also development : every year many projects are put in place for the design of new rescue material with specialized companies (extricators, rescue boats, wetsuits, PFDs, launch, PPE etc…)

The professionalism of the operators who gravitate around this project is also expressed in the involvement in events where support is required in terms of safety: canoe competitions, rafts in the river, where operators are involved in the management of safety, with specialized and qualified groups for river rescue.


Founded on February 23, 1947, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has its headquarters in Geneva in Switzerland and is the most authoritative body in the world for the determination of technical rules, evaluations, inspection and standardization of quality in production environments.

The ISO was born in the community sphere as a system of certification of conformity on a voluntary and competitive basis of the peculiarity and quality of processes and products. ISO certification is coordinated by the International Organization for the Standardization of the procedures governing almost all human activities.

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