The topic of safety and prevention follows a person from the cradle to the tomb. A human being, since its first presence on earth, has needed to keep safe in order to survive. The development of a more structured and regulated overview of this theme started during the industrial revolution, when safety on workplace became more relevant. Nowadays we acquired a vision of its importance in any sphere of life: safety on road, sanitary and nutrition safety, safety on workplace, information safety, swiftwater safety and so on. For this reason many courses have been created to supply the need of a better formation on prevention and awareness: courses for a correct nutrition, courses for a safe drive, courses on safety on workplace, and much more.

Our Rescue Project School strongly believes in activities for development of a culture of safety and in the importance of awareness, that’s how our “safety network” was conceived: a project gathered toward schools and school groups, summer camps, younger people.

School is for sure the most adequate environment to approach young people to the theme of safety (especially in outdoor activities) through educational interventions and engaging activities. A rafting navigation, for example, could be an amusing way to bring attention on the topic of safety and correct behaviour on water and to teach what to do and to avoid when they are on water. They will learn skills that would be very important if a flood or storm occurred. The climate and planet change force us to learn to deal with those arduous sceneries and natural phenomenon, this awareness will help their social and cultural growth.  

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Courses proposed

Safety Network Project

This project aims to acquire standard safety procedures from corporations, schools and outdoor centers.

BLS-D course for students

This course is aimed to all students of school who need to learn basic skills on resuscitation and use of defibrillator.

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