Workshop Exam for rafting guides, safety kayak and trip leader

Workshop Exam for rafting guides, safety kayak and trip leader. IRF

Course to become a rafting guide for International Rafting Federation IRF
2 days
good physical health, good swimming skills, rafting experience , BLS-D course 8 hours valid from at least 6 months before the exam for rafting guide or safety kayak. 
BLS-D course + phtc course 16 hours or more for those who want to become trip leader.
Whitewater rescuer license.

Here’s the minimum resume to obtain the license:

License Level Minimum of requested experience
rafting guide, safety kayak 2 10 trips or 20 hours on river lv 2
rafting guide, safety kayak 3 30 trips or 60 hours on river lv 3 
rafting guide, safety kayak 4 50 trips or 100 hours on river lv 4 
Rafting trip leader  2 50 trips or 100 hours on river lv 2
Rafting trip leader  3 75 trips or 150 hours on river lv 3
Rafting trip leader  4 200 trips or 400 hours on river lv 4
Aimed to:
 all those who want to become rafting guides and already have all of the requisites.

The exam of commercial rafting guide Rescue Project IRF is a unique course aimed to those who want to accompany people in river with a job license. Raft is a particular boat that requires a specific formation; it is necessary to already have good raft leading skills in order to undertake this training.

What will be released:

  •  Commercial rafting guide Rescue Project, for those who have already concluded the 4 days course rescue project
  • International Rafting Federation guide license

The program is structured in a total of 2 days of exam.


  •  It is possible to rent PPE for the course ( neoprene 5mm wetsuit, homologated helmet and lashing ) but it is suggested to use one’s own technical equipment
  • You can ask for support in finding your accommodation nearby our site 

Detailed program, training objectives and equipment details

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