Course for work with ropes (32 hours)

This course is for anyone who needs to work at high altitude with the use of ropes, in accordance with D.Lgs 81/08.

4 days
good physical health
Aimed to
all those who need a formation for work with specific risk of falling from above.

The course for jobs at high altitude with ropes supplies a formation in accordance with Italian applicable law D.Lgs 81/08

It is aimed to both workers who operate directly and to those who supervise and other professionals who are related to this context. The main goal is to supply awareness and knowledge of risks related to work in altitude, various types of PPE (helmet, lashing, etc), systems of position and access with ropes with useful techniques to increase the safety of employees.

The course includes both a theoretical lesson and a practical part. It can be adapted to specific context of risk of participants. The articles 36 and 37 of D.Lgs 81/08 specifically claims that the employer has the duty of supplying a specific and precise training depending on the risks of the job, and Rescue Project will elaborate a course specific for each necessity.

What will be acquired

  • Correct use of PPE in accordance with D.Lgs 81/08
  • Training course on systems of access and position with ropes on natural and artificial sites


  • It is possible to integrate BLS-D course
  • You can ask for support in finding your accommodation nearby our site
  • Due to the specificity of the course, the schedule and dates will be defined with the customer
  • Each customer will receive a participation certificate

Detailed program, training objectives, equipment details

Upcoming dates on the calendar

If you are interested in a course you can book it directly using our online booking service.

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Courses proposed

Correct use of PPE III category

This course is a specific training program about correct use of PPE III cat., in accordance with Italian applicable law D.Lgs 81/08.

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