First aid courses supplied by Rescue Project are formation programs strictly related to the world of swiftwater and outdoor activities rescue. All programs are adapted to the connected target and and purpose, for example: the BLS course is aimed to all those interested in acquiring skills on first aid procedures with life-saving maneuvers, according to the standard applicable directives.

First aid in arduous environment course is mainly aimed at personnel that operates in arduous conditions, following commonly-shared guidelines for rescue and it supplies further skills and information for specific environments of intervention.

Rescue in arduous environments requires problem solving skills and cross-disciplinary skills that are to be supplied to the victim and to guarantee a professional and competent salvation. It is fundamental to have the skills that permit to correctly value the priorities of rescue depending on the specific case, to individuate a safe and reachable environment, to be able to cooperate with incoming sanitary personnel and to ease their work. There are infinite variables when operating in hostile and arduous conditions: water and its dynamism, cold, snow, the distance from first aid base, night rescue… and sanitary aid has to be correctly included following the standard procedures knowing all the possible difficulties and problems related to the dynamism of the environment.

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BLS (Basic Life Support) is a standard program regarding fundamental themes related to survival chain.

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