This set of formation programs, supplied by Rescue Project, has various training offers for those who want to undertake a course to become commercial guides on river. The target of those courses are all those who are looking for a well-structured formation in accordance with applicable laws, in order to acquire the skills of a good and prepared guide.

A guide is defined as a person who has the responsibility to indicate the path to follow to others, a guide is also an authorized tour leader. A guide usually makes a job out of these skills, therefore he supplies such service of safe entourage before reward. Their activity is commercial.

A good guide is a professional who followed a responsible formation, received by qualified and testified educators, they are also required to constantly revise and update their information in accordance with Italian law D.Lgs 81/08 and the connected certificates, they can manage in autonomy and safety any excursion, with a continuous value of possible risks and a focused overview, with a complex set of cross-disciplinary skills to deal with any scenery, even the most arduous. They are also constantly to keep up to date, their skills keep on being refreshed and renewed, they also share their knowledge with other experts.

It is not enough to ask to be followed to be a good guide!

Becoming a guide is a course that should never end. A guide will always have more to learn, to update, to experience, and a guide will always want to acquire new techniques, new communication and psychological skills. It is also fundamental to improve themselves to become more experienced in rescue and first aid in arduous environment.

All lessons are executed by highly specialized personnel, all courses are made out of various steps and end up with a final test.

A specific commercial guide licence will be released by the end of the course.

If you are interested in a course you can book it directly using our online booking service.

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Courses proposed

Corso Perfezionamento guida Rafting

This course is aimed at all those who want to access to the workshop to become rafting guides, trip leaders or safety kayaker for the International Rafting Federation.

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