Courses for special forces and military personnel

Rescue Project School organizes highly specific courses for teams such as military aeronautics, rangers and many others.

Rescue Project has a consolidated experience in formation for military personnel and special forces teams.  

The range of intervention of special forces and military staff is huge and complex and qualified personnel is constantly sought. Such personnel has already got a great basis and good skills but they are always required to improve their skills.

Many teams and bodies have already chosen to entrust to Rescue Project for their formation about river and flood.

Taking into consideration the specific needs of each different organization, the School is at disposal to adapt the program to any particular requirement. The program of the course will be elaborated from the teachers to respond to the specific demands of the team in order to assure the best quality of formation.

The fundamental of our work is always Italian applicable law D.Lgs 81/08, which is created accordingly with European standards.

The different programs elaborated through the years go from 3-days courses up to 5-days. It is usually included a theoretical part, a consistent practical part of simulations, a nocturnal research, the use of boats and floatings with paddle or motor.

Please contact our reception for further information and for any specific request.

If you are interested in a course you can book it directly using our online booking service.

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Courses proposed

Rescue Wave Program

This is a 3-day training course for those who operate in hostile conditions in sea. The main topics are swimming, use of SUP, motor boats, vertical movement and trauma management

Avalanche safety course

This course has the goal of approaching participants to the matter of safety and prevention in snowy areas, with specific interest in rescue abilities in case of avalanche

Corso di sopravvivenza

Stay alive summer camp
Summer survival course.
This course is for everyone who is interested in survival and want to earn a basic knowledge of this theme 

Corso di sopravvivenza

Stay alive in the ICE
Winter survival course 
This course is for everyone who is interested in survival and want to earn a basic knowledge of this theme.

Climbing course

This course is for anyone who wants to approach to outdoor climbing, learning techniques of vertical movement

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