This course explains physiological aspects and treatment of cases of hypothermia

4 hours
Aimed to
all those who need basic information about hypothermia and intervention procedures in case of person in state of hypothermia

Our body is a perfect machine with very complex systems to function, such as temperature regulation: we sweat when it’s hot, we shiver when it’s cold.

This reaction can become dangerous if extended for a long period and can lead to very risky situations.

This half-day program will give participants basic knowledge of physiological processes related to hypothermia.

The various phases of hypothermia will be presented, thanks to photos and videos and there will be lessons of simple techniques that can be practiced by everyone, not only sanitary personnel.

Anyone might need this information and techniques: in case a person fell in water or got stuck in the snow, etc.

First aid and intervention will be enhanced during this program.


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