Swimming technique in current

This is a specific course to learn techniques of swimming in whitewater

1 day
good physical health
Aimed to
all those who need to improve their swimming techniques in whitewater or need to learn the basis to swim in whitewater

Swimming is part of our life since the beginning: we are formed in the mother’s womb, which is an aquatic environment. It’s been proved that a newborn is at ease in water and knows how to move. As we grow up, if we do not keep training, we lose such skills.

We learn to swim again in pools, but when it comes to river we need to start a new chapter of training.

The course has the goal to form participants in order to be able to swim in whitewater, with the correct swimming techniques and the various styles for this environment. It is required to be at ease with water and to be healthy. There will be parts of theoretical lesson, practical simulations, hydrodynamics, risks.


  • It is possible to integrate Hypothermia management course
  • It is possible to rent all the necessary equipment for the course: protection devices, swimsuit, homologate helmet, homologate lashing
  • It is possible to integrate BLS-D course
  • You can ask for support in finding your accommodation nearby our site

Detailed program, training objectives, equipment details

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