Course for commercial kayak/canoe instructors

This course is aimed to all those who want to acquire the title of canoe instructor at a commercial and professional level.

4 days
good physical health, good swimming skills, navigation in canoe up to level III, eskimo.
Aimed to
all those who want to become canoe instructors at professional and commercial level, to give lessons and accompany people on river of level II and III.

Rescue Project canoe instructor course is a unique course specifically elaborated for those who want to accompany people in river with a commercial license.

To have access to this course it is required to be skilled on rivers of III level, practicing eskimo efficiently and knowing fundamentals techniques of kayak navigation in rivers.

What will be acquired:

  • Rescue license
  • BLS-D first assistance certificate
  • PHTC trauma management in hostile environment
  • Hoxygen administration certificate
  • Correct use of PPE in accordance with Italian applicable law D.Lgs 81/08
  • Information and formation in accordance with D.Lgs 81.
  • Rescue Project School canoe instructor license, recognized for commercial and professional activities

The program is structured in 4 days of formation, organized in theoretical technique parts, rescue and self rescue parts, first assistance, hiking basics, such as correct reading of geographical map and basic orientation. Progressive didactics and training methods for river canoe will be enhanced.


  • It is possible to rent PPE for the course ( neoprene 5mm wetsuit, homologated helmet and lashing )
  • You can ask for support in finding your accommodation nearby our site

Detailed program, training objectives, equipment details

Upcoming dates on the calendar

3 - 4 Jun
Corso istruttore di canoa commerciale
Corso istruttore di canoa commerciale

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Courses proposed

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Hydrospeed guide course

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Course and exam for lifeguard with rafting specialization

This is a unique professional course that qualifies for working on river.

2 days for those who already own Rescue Project rafting commercial guide and the IRF or FIRAFT license + license for rescue at work, commercial raft leading, BLS-D + correct use of PPE + swimming skills certificate.
4 days for those who only own IRF or FIRAFT license and need to acquire all the various titles.

Corso Perfezionamento guida Rafting

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Pro guide course

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Safety kayak course: first approach or improvement

This course is aimed to all those who want to acquire the title of professional/ commercial safety kayak, on rivers of level II-III-IV . The program includes a highly specific formation about canoe and safety technique.

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