Whitewater technician rescuer 1 for cynophile

This course is specifically aimed at cynophile units who work in rescue teams in rivers.

3 days
good physical health, good swimming skills
Aimed to
all those who have the necessity of a good formation to safely approach whitewater and know the scenarios of intervention with their specific risks in case of rescue with cynophile unit

Rescue Project Technician Rescuer for cynophile has a duration of 30 hours, divided in 8-10 hour of theoretical lesson and the remaining of the hours are mainly organized in simulations in water.

This course is aimed to rescue personnel who need a specific formation, both theoretical and practical in river and flood rescue and specifically for cynophile operators who want to know river environment and need to understand when to use and not use the dog in case of rescue.

The context of a flood has many particular scenarios that can cause risks for our dog friends.

The training course for river and flood rescue is highly specific and complex, and it requires qualified and capable personnel. It is fundamental to know the correct behavior, the standard procedures and the appropriate mindset regarding whitewater, both in normal conditions and flood context. Rescue Project School is widely recognized as a guarantee of professionalism and competence, thanks to its highly qualified teachers.

What will be acquired

  • Swimming skills certificate
  • Whitewater technician rescuer 1 license in accordance with Italian applicable law D.Lgs 81
  • Information and formation about dogs management in whitewater


Detailed program, training objectives, equipment details

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Courses proposed

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River bank monitoring

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Corso S.A.R. - Search And Rescue

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Tecnico Soccorritore Fluviale 1

This course is mainly aimed at rescue professionals who need a specific formation, both theoretical and practical, about river and flood rescue

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